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When I’m tired and lose my faith

I watch a video of Steve Jobs ‘s speech

to Stanford’s 2005 graduation.

This make me feel better

when I face difficulties.

This is one of lessons from Steve Jobs.

The worst thing

that could happen

might turn out

to be the best thing

that could happen.

One of the worst things happening

to Steven was public-dismissal from Apple

ten years after he co-founded the company.

Jobs said “What had been the focus

of my entire adult life was gone,

and it was devastating.

“I even thought about running away
from the valley.
But something slowly began

to dawn on me-

I still loved what I did.

And so I decided to start over.”

Over the next five years

he founded NeXT and Pixar

and met and fell in love with his wife.

That would never have happened

if he hadn’t been fired.

And then Apple figured out

it needed him after all

and brought him back

by purchasing NeXT.

“I didn’t see it then

but it turned out

that getting fired from Apple

was the best thing

that could have ever happened to me,” he said.

“Sometimes life hits you

in the head with a brick.

Don’t lose faith.
I’m convinced that

the only thing

that kept me going

was that I loved what I did.

You’ve got to find what you love.”

I listened again many times.

Everything happened have a reason.

We always have a choice

give up or not.

His life bring us many inspiring stories that will change your mindset

and help us to overcome life challenges

to achieve our dreams.

He make me stop

and think a lot about my life

and my future.

Thank you.



In Viet Nam, images of stadium full of garbage after football match or event outdoor are so familiar.

Two weeks ago, I joined Monsoon music festival with my friend. This was crazy music night which organized in Hoang Thanh. There were many young peoples: Vietnamese and foreigner in the stadium. That night, it was raining hard. Joss stone- young R&B/ soul diva from England, a DJ from Japanese and other famous bands performed wonderfull . I had thought there were full of garbage after music night end.  It ended at 12 p.m. Suprised, many peoples together picked up garbage in the stadium. At the moment, there was no garbage on the yard. Not only Japanese pick up garbage after football match in word cup, young Vietnamese did, too. I don’t know why, but I fell their action so lovely.

I changed my mind about young peoples.


Why do I study English from sixth grades, I can’t speak English?

Why do I go to study abroad after graduating the university?

I have thought a lot of this problem. Because my IQ is not high or other cause?

After listening Angela Lee Duckworth’s speech, I know that Grit is my reason. Grit is the key of success. Grit solves all problem.

“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long- term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint”

I live in a small town in QN province, there are no English centres. Therefore, I usually study E by myself. As you know, it’s difficulty to study alone, i don’t feel bored. I have clearly targets but i have no grit. After busy work hours, i only want to sleep :D.

How do i build grit in my mind? How do I have more perseverance?

I have no exactly answers but I know that I have more time to study E.  The class is fun which make me interest in study E.

Why do you want to study English

My work is so busy, i usually go to travelling on independent day. This year, i went to Malaysia with my friend. Malaysia is beautiful country with diversified culture where English is public language. My friend speak English fluently but I don’t. It’s dificultly for me to communicate with somebody. I saw many nice views but i don’t understand story about the places. This was not perfect travelling because I’m bad at English. I started study English at 6 class but I have no any conversation with foreign people. If i speak English fluently, I’ll have a fun travelling alone. And I deceided to go to study speak English.

On the day, i surf the net, I find out Liu luoi class. I register for the class. I hope I ‘ll speak English good after studying.